CD: Journey to the Spirit Realms

The question I get asked more than any other in the course of my work as a medium is 'what is the spirit world like?'. This is actually very difficult to answer because of the sights, sounds, smells, colours and emotions are not of this earth and quite simply the language doesn't exist to do justice to the splendour and majesty of how I perceive it. I also believe that when each of us is given the gift of a glimpse of the other world, it is done in such a way that resonates within our hearts and that our own understanding can comprehend at that time. Therefore one persons experience may differ from another person, but each a true and truthful experience and a wondrous representation of the Spirit Realms.It makes perfect sense to me that rather than trying to explain the Spirit Realms to you, to give you the tools to have those experiences for yourself, and so I put before you Journey To The Spirit Realms, giving you the opportunities that I and many other mediums and sensitive's have had, to connect with and to bear witness to a beauty beyond comparison. These experiences are there for everyone who has the desire to open their hearts and minds to connect to the other world. In this CD I shall endeavour to take you on a journey that will enrich your life and inspire you to be a truer reflection of the wondrous vibrant spirit that you are and see for yourself that life is eternal. The exercises and visualisations on this CD are there for everyone and I simply ask you to consider the possibility that the 'divine power' is there for us all to tap into, whether it's too enrich your daily life, help in times of uncertainty or as an accompaniment to your on-going medium-ship development. All attempts to broaden the mind and invigorate the spirit within should only be attempted by those wanting to bring positive spiritual change into their lives and with the help of the spirit world aim to live a more spiritual existence.'


Title: CD: Journey to the Spirit Realms
Publisher: New World Music
Author: Stockwell Tony
Format: CD
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