Joy of Sex, The

THE JOY OF SEX is the world’s most trusted illustrated sex manual. This brand new edition is freshly minted for today s market demands with brand new artwork, warmer, more dynamic photography, and updated content. As a champion of trusting, loving relationships, this groundbreaking book advocates mutual respect and tenderness between lovers. A bestseller since it was first published in 1972, Alex Comfort’s classic work celebrated human physical intimacy with such authority and clarity that a whole generation felt empowered to enjoy sex. No other book has come close in providing such an imaginative, uninhibited, and entertaining guide to lovemaking. The reasons for unfulfilling sexual relations today are different to those of Alex Comfort’s original audience. This new edition of The Joy of Sex, fully revised and updated by respected sex expert and relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam, contains over 40 new entries, bringing Comfort’s original, frank advice up to date for the modern readership.


Title: Joy of Sex, The
Publisher: Hachette
Author: Comfort Alex , Quilliam Susan
ISBN: 9781845335861
Format: Paperback
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