Learn to Sleep Well

Sick of tossing and turning? Ready to sleep soundly through the night? Mr. Sandman has arrived—in book form! The latest title in our best-selling self-help series (more than 300,000 sold), Learn to Sleep Well is a dreamily illustrated passageway to those vitally important hours of sleep that for some people are impossible to attain. It gives reliable suggestions and practical exercises on how to deal with those marauding nighttime sleep thieves such as snoring partners, restless children, and nightmares, as well as expert advice on natural remedies for a deeper, more restful sleep, including meditation, massage, herbalism, and aromatherapy.
Learn to Sleep Well tackles all aspects of sleep from combating the various types of fatigue to creating an environment most conducive to uninterrupted rest. An inspiring guide to promoting natural health through improved sleep, this book shows how we can tune up our sleep patterns the natural way—with major benefits for health and well-being in our waking life.


Title: Learn to Sleep Well
Publisher: Duncan Baird
Author: Idzikowski Chris
ISBN: 9781907486203
Format: Paperback
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