Life-Changing Crystals

Judy Hall, one of the world?s bestselling authors on crystals, introduces the core processes of manifestation and demonstrates how to ask the universe for what you need while taking responsibility for the outcome. This book will help you sense the energy of crystals and choose the right ones to work with for manifesting, such as using inspiring visualizations, affirmations, rituals and layouts. Included are detailed profiles for more than seventy crystals which have special manifesting properties, such as Manifesting Quartz, Malachite, Angel?s Wing Calcite, Agate, Brandenberg, Jade, Spirit Quartz, Aurora Quartz.


Title: Life-Changing Crystals
Publisher: Hodder
Author: Judy Hall
ISBN: 9781841814148
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/05/2013
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