Little Book of Quick Useful & Effective Spells

Spells and rituals are methods that have been used by the wise from every indigenous culture for millennia to attract the things desired. They are the laws of attraction in action. Additionally, they carry with them the potent force of centuries of energy inputted from the hundreds of thousands of people from many different traditions. The addition of some of these simple natural principles to your existing affirmations and positive thinking techniques, will super charge your results. Folded into these pages are spells for the seven most wished for things listed below:

1. Protection
2. Beauty
3. Love
4. Properity
5. Health
6. Wisdom
7. Curse Breaking

Also includes instructions on performing a basic Circle Casting so that you can created a safe and sacred space for your personal magickal rituals.


Title: Little Book of Quick Useful & Effective Spells
Publisher: Happy Medium Publishing Co
Author: She' D'Montford
ISBN: 9780975753552
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/09/2016
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