CD: Loving Relationships Subliminal Cd

Enriching Your Love Life Trk1: Relaxing Music by James Wild with messages (3 mins) Trk2: Beach Waves with messages (3 mins) Your Subliminal Messages repeated throughout each track my heart is open and free?I am passionate?my life is enriching?boundless love?I share my feelings?I trust in myself?colourful life?I nurture my emotions?softness and strength?earthy pleasures are abound?love?I celebrate my body?sensual pleasures?I express my sexuality with confidence?love lives in every body?I am sensitive to my needs?my life is stimulating?I embrace the romantic life?one good?I respect the earth?I trust in my feelings for others?love to the world?I am open to new friendships?I nurture my body?beauty is everywhere?love is healing?strength within?I am sensitive to others?(repeated) This subliminal recording contains 2 tracks giving you a choice of music or beach waves


Title: CD: Loving Relationships Subliminal Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild
Format: CD
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