Mindfulness Diet, The

Mindfulness is the new attitude to living. Taking an attitude of mindful awareness to eating will not only help you appreciate every mouthful, but reward you with a whole new way to eat that heals your food issues. If you’ve always wanted to eat better and manage your weight, THE MINDFULNESS DIET is for you.

There’s no dieting, calorie-counting or fasting – by changing your approach to feeding yourself, you can tune in to your ‘body wisdom’ and begin to eat less of what you don’t need, while filling up nourishing foods that help you reach the weight you’ll be happy with for life. The recipes in this book are simple and nutritious, so you can cook fast, but eat slow, with appreciation and mindful awareness of every delicious bite.

DISCOVER:- How to tune in to your body and eat the foods you really need and achieve your best weight- Freedom from cravings – how to beat emotional eating- Mindful eating plans to keep you on track- 70 quick and easy recipes – breakfasts,lunches, dinners and snacks – The essential Mindfulness techniques that will transform your eating habits foreverEat your way to your perfect weight!


Title: Mindfulness Diet, The
Publisher: Hachette
Author: Collard Patrizia and Stephenson Helen
ISBN: 9780600630449
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/03/2015
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