Practical Guide To Healing The Inner Child

Through Lorraine Webb’s experience as a healer, and the creator of the ‘Inner Child Workshop’, she brings her insights, stories, and exercises to assist the reader to understand and embrace their inner child.

– Topics covered in this book include –
Understanding the concept of the inner child
How dysfunction works in families
Perpetuating dysfunction – we manage to pass it on to our children
Seeing how the inner child ruins our relationships
We store all the pain from childhood – it doesn’t just disappear
The steps to healing the past – no matter how traumatic it may be
How the ego works in our life – you can change!
Some inspiring stories
Connecting with your spiritual self

Lorraine Webb is a Spiritual Healer and a teacher. She owns and manages the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre in South Australia. Lorraine teaches her unique techniques in healing, including ‘inner child rescues', throughout Australia. In 1999, she created her highly successful 'Inner Child Workshop', and now has facilitators in every State. They are trained to facilitate as well as offer Spiritual healing for all those who wish to attend this amazing workshop.
Lorraine has taken her ‘inner child’ work into prisons in Adelaide, and has worked with both Aboriginal men and women awakening their higher self and healing their ‘inner child.’ She also teaches on such topics as ‘Abundance’, ‘Forgiveness’, and ‘Passing Over Consciously.’


Title: Practical Guide To Healing The Inner Child
Publisher: - No Manufacturer -
Author: Lorraine Webb
ISBN: 9780975805305
Format: Paperback
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