Psyche’s Yearning

Beseiged by the messages of consumerism, disillusioned with traditional religion and faced with the possibility of planetary disaster, our souls are more than ever yearning for purpose and a sense of wholeness and holiness in a fragmented secular world.

Weaving her text around the symbolic wisdom of the ancient Greek myth of Psyche and Eros, author Gillian Ross offers personally inspired guidance and inspiration on ways of transcending the pain and limitations of our alienated ego. She invites us to step into the Transpersonal realm of the mystic and embrace our identitiy as a unique expression of a Transcendent Evolutionary Impulse.

Psyche’s Yearning powerfully conveys the message that an awakened consciousness is no longer the prerogative of the saint or the shaman but a birthright we must all seek to claim if we are to find the collective will to serve the earth community and its myriad life forms with wisdom, compassion and joy.


Title: Psyche's Yearning
Publisher: Dr Gillian Ross
Author: Dr Gillian Ross
ISBN: 9781426938962
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/07/2013
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