CD: Reality Slap, The: Exercises & Meditations

This CD has been specifically designed for use with the book The Reality Slap

The realty slap takes many different forms. Sometimes it is so violent it’s more like a punch, the death of a loved one, a serious illness, a major injury, a freak accident, a shocking crime, a disabled child, the loss of a job, bankruptcy, betrayal, fire, flood, divorce or disaster. Sometimes it’s a little gentler, envy, loneliness, resentment, failure, disappointment, or rejection. But whatever form it takes, one thing is for sure, it hurts! And most of us don’t deal with the pain very well. The Realty Slap is a book based on a scientifically proven mindfulness-based approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which will help you:

– find peace in the midst of your pain
– find calm in the midst of your chaos
– use your painful emotions to cultivate wisdom and compassion
– find fulfillment even when you can’t get what you want
– heal your wounds and come through stronger than before.

Tracks on the CD:

A Compassionate Hand
Notice Your Emotion
An Exercise in Self Compassion
Compassion For The Younger You
Be Like A Tree
Mindfulness of the Breath
The Sweet Spot
Loving Kindness Meditation


Title: CD: Reality Slap, The: Exercises & Meditations
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Author: Russ Harris
Format: CD
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