Reversing Heart Disease – Without Drugs

This book began with the sobering facts of how many people die and suffer from cardiovascular disease and the material presented here has demonstrated that they don’t have to do so. With more than 1,000 studies—and studies of studies—it is clear that the medical system is broken and that we are the ones suffering while the medical system does little to help our health. There is no need for the pain, suffering and death that results from these diseases and there is no need for the vast majority of the medications doled out to us. The medications are not just useless; they are deadly.

Undoubtedly the greatest challenge we face today is not cardiovascular disease but the underlying cancer of the medical and pharmaceutical systems that put profit before people.
However, the science shows that by changing our diet, environment, attitude and lifestyle (DEAL) we can not only dramatically reduce our risk of all forms of cardiovascular disease (and other chronic illnesses) but also reverse these conditions. There is overwhelming scientific evidence, thousands more studies than I have provided here, that an integrated approach to your health, like the DEAL, works. This information provides you with the opportunity to lead a much healthier and happier life. But you are the one who needs to do something about it. Information is great but unless you take action it means nothing. The power to lead a healthier life is in your hands. Take action now. Don’t wait.
I began this book by describing “Occam’s razor.” The information presented in this book is not just a list of the simpler solutions; they are the ones that work. The current system has to change. The change has already begun, and doctors need to decide whether to go with it or be left behind. This was summed up by one of the doctors attending an environmental and nutritional medicine seminar some years ago. When asked why he was there, his response was, “My patients were going to other practitioners and they were getting well and I wanted to know what they were doing. So I’m here.”
Health is like banking: the more you invest in it now the more you have later, with interest. It is time to start investing in your health, beginning now

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Peter Dingle (BEd, BSc, PhD, WASM) has spent the past 25 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. Formerly an associate professor in health and the environment at Murdoch University, he retired in 2011 after 21 years to pursue his research, writing and speaking. He is one of Australia’s leading motivational health speakers. Dr Dingle has more than 100 scientific articles, hundreds of public essays and more than a dozen books on health topics in print, the latest including My Dog Eats Better than Your Kids, The Great Cholesterol Deception, A Supplement a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, and Medical Myths and Health Lies that Are Killing Us.

He is a regular in state and national print media and may be heard weekly on radio and TV, reporting on health and the environment. He was the presenter on the award-winning SBS program “Is Your House Killing You?” and has appeared regularly on ABC’s “Can We Help?”


Title: Reversing Heart Disease - Without Drugs
Publisher: Barker Deane Publishing
Author: Dingle Peter
ISBN: 9780992514303
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/10/2015
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