CD: The Sound Of Creation

Resonating and relaxing sounds journeying you beyond to the beginning of all things. Whether or not the universe sprang into being through the enormity of a 'Big Bang' or through the wonder of an 'Intelligent Creator', there did exist a resonance, a vibration or an energy that is beyond all comprehension. The Sound of Creation has two elements that intertwine to exhibit a different feel to Michael?s other titles. Firstly there is Michael?s signature flowing music & relaxing themes. Then, delicately balanced in the background are deep resonating sounds, resembling Sanskrit chanting or deep voice harmonics. As with the vibrations behind the Sanskrit universal sounds, these deep resonations transport us to a sense of our beginnings in time and space. A very special recording dedicated to our beginnings. 2 Tracks (64mins) 1. The Sound of Creation (34:2) 2. Genesis (3:12)


Title: CD: The Sound Of Creation
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Michael Wild
Format: CD
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