CD: The Wonderful World Of Coffee Cd

A Fascinating Audio on the World’s Most Celebrated Brew Love your coffee? Well there?s so much more to coffee than just a caffeine fix! And would it surprise you learn that coffee is not the baddie often portrayed but has quite a number of health benefits? Hmm! Coffee has had a profound effect on the evolution of humanity. From its humble beginnings in the highlands of Ethiopia, this most celebrated beverage has spread across the globe with over a billion cups enjoyed each day. Stimulate your curiosity with this thorough and concise story of coffee by James Wild – an audio that will inform, amaze and delight! Tracks 1 to 6: Discussion (7mins) 1: Introduction and the History of Coffee 2: Botany, Agriculture and Production 3: Roasting, Making a Brew and the Blends 4: Caffeine Chemistry and Pharmacology 5: Health Benefits and Potential Risks 6: Green Coffee and the Future


Title: CD: The Wonderful World Of Coffee Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild
Format: CD
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