Thing You Think You Cannot Do, The

Find the courage to live well with Dr Gordon Livingston, bestselling author of TOO SOON OLD, TOO LATE SMART, AND NEVER STOP DANCING and HOW TO LOVE.

Bestselling author Dr Gordon Livingston M.D. brings his thoughts and wisdom to the subjects of fear and courage. We live in a time when fear of terrorism, war and disease, are all magnified, it seems, by media and the internet. How are we to find the courage to live, and live well despite the constant threat of fear?

Dr Livingston identifies fear as the central issue of our time. It has become a corrosive influence in modern life, eroding our ability to think clearly. Overcoming our fears constitutes the biggest struggle in our lives.

As a psychiatrist, Dr Livingston knows how reliant many are on pharmaceutical remedies to alleviate anxiety. While these may be effective, he has recently started to prescribe human virtues such as courage, which is integral to his thirty individual truths that are explored as the tools to overcome our fears on every level, in order to free up our lives.


Title: Thing You Think You Cannot Do, The
Publisher: Hachette
Author: Livingston Gordon
ISBN: 9780733628726
Format: Paperback
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