CD: To Feel Go(o)d

Bliss Is Your Biological Birthright?Are You Ready to Claim It? To Dr. Candace Pert, feeling good and feeling God are one in the same. You may be surprised to hear a world-renowned biophysicist talking about God, yet Candace Pert is on the vanguard of a new breed of scientists who fearlessly explore the territory where science and spirit meet. On To Feel Go(o)d, Dr. Pert reveals that you are biologically hardwired for bliss?all you need to do is tap your own body's unlimited natural capacity for living in joy and connecting to the divine. Join her on this original audio to learn about: ?The biophysics of pleasure?how to get the most out of your body's neurological capacity for ecstasy ?Forgiveness and your biology?why this powerful act can transfigure and heal you at a cellular level ?What makes us feel bad? Simple changes that will eliminate obstacles to your happiness ?How trauma is stored in the body, and strategies you can use to release it ?Can science find God? A researcher's perspective on the universal, binding force of love, and more Since her appearance in What the Bleep Do We Know!?, Candace Pert has heard one question repeated again and again: How do I feel good in my life? With To Feel Go(o)d, this cutting-edge researcher and spiritual philosopher brings you her insights on what you can do to transcend transitory sensations of joy or pleasure?and inherit the blissful union with God that is your evolutionary birthright.


Title: CD: To Feel Go(o)d
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Candace Pert [Phd]
ISBN: AW00381D
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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