CD: True Happiness (6 CD)

Happiness is your birthright and it is readily available at any given moment, teaches Pema Ch?dr?n. So why do we live in such suffering? The potential for happiness is not based on outer things?they come and go, causing us misery, she begins. We're always chasing after something, trying to avoid the difficult places. But there are a lot of small sweetnesses that we ignore because they're so fleeting. On True Happiness, Pema Ch?dr?n guides you through simple-yet-effective practices that show you how to recognize and nurture these moments of delight, cultivating them until they become more and more frequent, accessible, and real as a constant influence in our lives. At the root of everything is basic goodness, a Buddhist view that each of us is fundamentally awake and compassionate, yet we tend to look at ourselves from a place of badness, explains Ani Pema. We spend our lives in self-doubt and confusion, attempting to be perfect and get it right. But life is about being open to whatever might arise, including feelings of uneasiness as well as feelings of contentment and peace. Rather than asking How can I get out of this? ask How can I stay in this moment of discomfort and begin to soften? It is in that moment of softening that you will find your open heart, teaches Pema Ch?dr?n. Everyone has the longing to feel the open heart, because it is a deep happiness that can never be taken away. Recorded at Gampo Abbey Monastery in Nova Scotia, True Happiness gives you the opportunity to spend yarne, or winter retreat, with Pema Ch?dr?n in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Join this bestselling author and teacher as she guides you through seven hours of effective meditations and practices to dissolve the barriers to your heart, reconnect with the source of basic goodness, and cultivate a sense of happiness if only to touch upon it for brief but precious moments at a time.


Title: CD: True Happiness (6 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Pema Chodron
ISBN: 9781591792444
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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