Why Worry

Why Worry? teaches readers to permanently overcome stress and worry through proven holistic strategies developed by a scientist with first-hand experience of living with anxiety. Without using medical jargon Why Worry? uses a holistic approach, including relaxation techniques and behavioural therapy, to offer a comprehensive and permanent solution to worry and anxiety. Learn how to make effective, empowering choices guided, not by fear, but by your true desires. This hands-on, solution-oriented book looks at the whole person, from mind to body and desire to action, to empower readers to take full control of their lives and permanently alleviate fear, worry, and anxiety. It’s time to stop coping and start living. – See more at: http://books.simonandschuster.com.au/Why-Worry/Kathryn-Tristan/9781582703879#sthash.lV61UInK.dpuf


Title: Why Worry
Publisher: Beyond Words
Author: Tristan Kathryn
ISBN: 9781582703879
Format: Paperback
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