Worry with Mother: 101 Neuroses for the Modern Mama

A hilarious exploration of the ridiculous worries that plague today’s mothers, from conception to empty nest syndrome Anyone who has ever given birth knows that a mother’s worrying is never done. Parenting books give wildly contradictory advice, late-night Googling induces blind panic, and, in today’s ultra-competitive environment, other parents just make you feel worse. This hilarious book, by first-time mother and Sunday Times columnist Francesca Hornak, captures perfectly the madness of modern parenting, with 101 worries all mums will have experienced themselves, on topics including food-throwing toddlers, technology-addicted teenagers, and an imaginary friend called Neil. Beautifully illustrated by renowned cartoonist Dorrance, this book is a welcome slice of light relief from all the fretting mums are expected to do these days.


Title: Worry with Mother: 101 Neuroses for the Modern Mama
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Hornak Francesca
ISBN: 9781910232354
Format: HardCover
Publication Date: 01/04/2016
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