Your Beautiful Life: Lessons from an Ancient Master

This is the Course of Your Life. Begin to recognise your feelings as your true connection to Source. Pierce the layers and allow your divine nature to guide you towards your highest potential and the truth of your Soul’s light.

Through renowned channel Sally Mackay, and supported by soul companion Susie Trumble, ancient master Virgil offers essential wisdom which will help you clear lifetimes of baggage and dissolve entrenched core beliefs that, up until now, have inhibited your life and relationships.

Begin to live a life of empowered awareness today. Open to the truth residing within your own heart – the truth that’s been calling to you, the truth that will set you free to live the life you intended – Your Beautiful Life.

Based on the premise that whatever you seek is already contained within the experience of living your life, this course will transcend your triggers and inner patterns, exposing illusion and igniting purpose.

This process is not a destination, but an ongoing journey into self awareness. You will be guided safely by Virgil, a hand of light, truth and wisdom; a teacher sent through the ages to help you return to love.

Undeniably, this course is your life. Your Beautiful Life begins now.

‘Please take the time to open yourself to the learning you are about to undertake. Open your mind and heart and hear the call within; the call to awaken. …You are about to allow in your daily life an opportunity to learn how to recognise the language of Soul, that has always been present – yet ignored.’ Virgil


Title: Your Beautiful Life: Lessons from an Ancient Master
Publisher: Barker Deane Publishing
Author: Mackay Sally & Trumble Susie
ISBN: 9780980879544
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/10/2015
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