100 Maps that Changed the World

An ancient Chinese proverb suggests, They are wise parents who give their children roots and wings – and a map. Maps That Changed the World features some of the world’s most famous maps, stretching back to a time when cartography was in its infancy and the ‘edge of the world’ was a barrier to exploration. The book includes details of how Lewis and Clark helped map the American West, how the British mapped India and Australia. There are the beautifully engraved Dutch maps of the 16th century, the sinister Utopian maps of the Nazis, the maps that presaged brilliant military campaigns, charted the geology of a nation or divided a continent up between its European conquerors. Organised by theme, the book shows the evolution of map-making from all corners of the globe. The introduction is written by acclaimed cartographic historian Jeremy Black.


Title: 100 Maps that Changed the World
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Clark, John O E
ISBN: 9781849942973
Format: HardCover
Publication Date: 01/08/2016
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