CD: Art of Empathy, The

Some of us are natural-born empaths—those with an exceptional gift for feeling and understanding the emotions, circumstances, and needs of others. But empathy, teaches Karla McLaren, is a universal human skill that we can all learn to awaken and use wisely.

With The Art of Empathy, you will learn, step-by-step, the art of experiencing through the eyes and hearts of those around you—and to connect with and support them most effectively. Drawing on insights spanning social psychology, current brain research, and traditional healing and spiritual wisdom, this acclaimed teacher and author shows us how to:

– Discover and strengthen this natural social and emotional ability
– Prepare for empathy training by learning to identify and regulate our emotions and boundaries
– Move into the felt experience of others with authenticity and respect
– Stay rejuvenated on the empathic path through grounding, healthy boundaries, and replenishing with joy
– Improve our intimate relationships, parenting efforts, and workplace issues
– Expand empathy into our communities and the natural world

As our social landscape and ways of connecting continue to shift and evolve rapidly, empathy may be the most essential skill for navigating our emotional and interpersonal lives. The Art of Empathy provides us with the insights and training to master its many dimensions.


Title: CD: Art of Empathy, The
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Karla McLaren
ISBN: 9781622030620
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/11/2013
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