Awakening the Buddhist Heart (POD)

This is the ultimate relationships guide from the bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within and Awakening To The Sacred. Awakening the Buddhist Heart is a beautifully-written, illuminating guide that shows us how to make meaningful connections with families, romantic partners, our colleagues, our neighbours, our society, our country and our world.

Using simple Buddhist principles, methods and teachings, Awakening the Buddhist Heart will show you the true secrets to meaningful relationships with everyone you come into contact with.

In his warm, wise and accessible style, Lama Surya Das shows how to learn to love what we don’t like in others – from our romantic partners to colleagues at work. He explains how to deal with issues such as conflict, co-dependency, jealousy and anger, and most importantly how to truly enjoy the connections we make with people around us.

In light of all the challenges, changes and uncertainty we must face every day, it is our relationships with others that are at the core of our needs.


Title: Awakening the Buddhist Heart (POD)
Publisher: Bantam Australia
Author: Lama Surya Das
ISBN: 9781863252836
Format: Paperback
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