CD: Awakening the Global Mind (6 CD)

We have heard that the most profound spiritual truths cannot be expressed in words. But is that truly the case, or can we develop a higher literacy that serves as a pathway to global wisdom?

Groundbreaking philosopher Ashok Gangadean has spent more than three decades bringing forth such a language—a new spiritual grammar that builds on the planet’s wisdom traditions and unlocks the transformative power of the mind’s inner and outer dialogues.

With Awakening the Global Mind, Gangadean introduces you to this revolutionary teaching for breaking out of the limiting patterns of “egomental thinking” and connecting to the supreme universal consciousness that he identifies as “Logos.”

A Unifying Language for Realizing Global Wisdom

The concept of this primal Logos has been with us throughout history, described in many names and forms by our greatest thinkers. Although our cultures have been shaped by such luminaries as Buddha, Jesus, Lao-tzu, and Socrates, we remain stuck in old, dysfunctional patterns that fail to live up to our highest wisdom.

Why is this so? As Ashok Gangadean observes, humanity has been limited to interpreting profound cosmic truths through the lens of ego-based thinking. But, he assures us, this self-imposed limit can be overcome with the missing primal language and dilation of our global mind.

Modern research shows that our language creates the fundamental “operating system” of the human mind. Awakening the Global Mind is your key to rewriting that system to find your own access code to Logos and personal flourishing. This deep restructuring of consciousness turns each moment of your life into an opening of awakening—whether you are contemplating spiritual teachings, engaging in deep dialogue with yourself and others, or simply enjoying your morning coffee with complete presence and mindfulness.

“At this pivotal time in our history, there is a new global wisdom unfolding,” teaches Ashok Gangadean. This transformation arises from the work of our greatest philosophers and spiritual teachers, and needs only this dormant universal language of consciousness to finally emerge. Awakening the Global Mind is your invitation to join in this dimensional shift in human evolution—and take your part in our journey into Logos.


Title: CD: Awakening the Global Mind (6 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Gangadean Ashok [Phd]
ISBN: 9781591797982
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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