CD: Caroline Myss & Wayne Dyer Seminar, The

Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer have played key roles in the movement of people interested in awakening human potential. These two innovative leaders have helped tens of thousands of us access our innate abilities by teaching us how we create our own realities, for better or worse, and how to consciously direct human energy toward achieving goals. This live lecture is the result of the first collaboration between these two esteemed teachers—and they’ve joined together to bring you their knowledge and experience on the amazing interconnection between mind, body, and reality—showing how to work with this information to not only improve our daily lives, but to also reach our highest human potential.


Title: CD: Caroline Myss & Wayne Dyer Seminar, The
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Caroline Myss
ISBN: 9781401902612
Format: CD
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