Chakradance: Move Your Chakras, Change Your Life

Balance your chakras to improve your life, with the powerful ‘moving meditation’ of Chakradance.

In this book, Chakradance founder Natalie Southgate explains how this gentle yet powerful ‘moving meditation’ practice actually works, including examples and stories from her own life and the lives of Chakradancers all over the world. She demonstrates how working with your chakras, using music, movement and mandalas, can help you discover a deeper connection to your true authentic self, leading you to the most wonderful feeling of vibrant well-being.

Our chakras are our energy centres (subtle, invisible, but essential to life), that hold mind, body and spirit together. The practice of Chakradance activates, tunes and balances your chakras, to improve your life.


Title: Chakradance: Move Your Chakras, Change Your Life
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Natalie Southgate
ISBN: 9781401950934
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/11/2018