Finding Love Everywhere

Psychologist and author Robert Holden takes the reader on a mystical journey from looking for love outside of themselves to being the love they hope to find. He shares stories from his workshops and interviews with Maya Angelou, Ram Dass, Louise Hay, and other prominent teachers. He also draws inspirations from A Course in Miracles workshops and will explain how meditations can be a call to action.

Written in five chapters, this beautifully accessible book features 52 1/2 wisdom poems that encourage the reader to reflect on the true nature of love.

Topics include

Looking for love

Loving others as yourself

Loving when it's difficult

Letting life love you

The presence of love


Title: Finding Love Everywhere
Publisher: Penguin Group Australia
Author: Robert Holden
ISBN: 9781401960193
Format: PB
Publication Date: 01/09/2020