Guide to Understanding Chakras (Zenned Out)

Find balance and healing with Understanding Chakras.

Understanding Chakraswill cover the seven energy points in your body — the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and the Crown. Discover how each chakra connects to some part of your body, emotion, and energy. In this gorgeous guide, you’ll learn how to tap into your energy centers and unblock a specific chakra for a more balanced, relaxed, and healthier you. Ignite the power of your energy by using crystals, essential oils, herbs, and different meditation techniques to help transform your mind, body, and spirit.


Title: Guide to Understanding Chakras (Zenned Out)
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Cassie Uhl
ISBN: 9781631067068
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 26/08/2020

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