CD: Living Peace and Joy (2 CD)

With her uniquely soothing voice, Gael Chiarella, creator of the bestselling CD AM & PM Yoga Meditations, leads you through a series of 15-minute guided relaxation meditations. CD 1: Living Peace By gently guiding you to release limiting thoughts, relax deeply into your childlike desires, and find your innate inner smile, Gael will help you to connect with your own natural source of unlimited and effortless joy. This is an inner journey of self-discovery where you will uncover the laughter, joy, and bliss that lives deep inside you. CD 2: Living Joy Through the processes of self-awareness, yogic breathing, mindfulness, and simply letting go, Gael will take you to a place of deep relaxation, balance, grace, and ease. By guiding you with her heart and spirit, as only she can do, Gael offers you the gift of truly understanding that real peace is available to you at every moment.


Title: CD: Living Peace and Joy (2 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Gael Chiarella
ISBN: 9781559618427
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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