Move the Needle

Harness the power of can’t to make your big, impossible dreams a reality with help from a creative entrepreneur who’s turned her quirky passion into a global force.

Shelley Brander was no stranger to the word can’t.

You can’t be an athlete, you have asthma. You can’t be a successful copywriter, you’re a girl. Your son has autism, he can’t be cured. You can’t make a living with yarn.

But she proved all her detractors wrong when she opened Loops, a local yarn store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1994. Since then, Loops has thrived, expanding from a single storefront to a global creative brand with a passionate and active membership community of knitters, crocheters, and makers of all ages.

This book is about harnessing the power of can’t to pursue your life’s passions-both personal and professional-no matter how weird or impossible they may seem. We’re still living in a time where the entrepreneurial creative is too often told, You can’t make a business out of that, but in this book you will learn how to turn your can’ts into cans and:

Make your creative side hustle your main gig

Celebrate creativity and experimentation

Accept failure as a part of the process

Have hope against the odds

Surround yourself with supportive people

Cut ties with those who weigh you down

Believe in you and your weird, impossible dream!


Title: Move the Needle
Publisher: Penguin Group Australia
Author: Shelley Brander
ISBN: 9781401963002
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 19/01/2021