CD: Mystical Traveller

Sylvia Browne takes us on another incredible journey . . . this time presenting information about the Mystical Traveller. She explains the difference between Mystical Travellers and Mission Life Entities (those who have a mission in life); and goes into great depth about who they are, what they do, and even how to become one!

Combining factual research garnered in her trance mediumship with new insights from her spirit guide Francine, Sylvia guides us through the necessary steps to become more spiritual using the Eight Golden Keys and Seven Rays from God. She then takes us a step further and tells us how we can all choose to become either a Mystical Traveller or Mission Life Entity for God. This is a fascinating, in-depth study for anyone who wants to become more spiritual and join 'God's army'—that is, those who wish to spread positive energy rather than evil and negativity.


Title: CD: Mystical Traveller
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Sylvia Browne
ISBN: 9781401918637
Format: CD
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