Occult, The

Colin Wilson’s great classic work is a comprehensive history of mystery and magic. His genius lies in producing a skilful synthesis of the available material; clarifying without simplifying, seeing the occult in the light of reason and reason in the light of the mystical and paranormal. It is a journey of enlightenment – a wide-ranging survey of the whole subject and an insightful exploration of Man’s latent powers. Republished two years after the author’s death and with a new foreword by bibliographer Colin Stanley, Wilson brings his own refreshingly optimistic and stimulating interpretation to the worlds of the paranormal, the occult and the supernatural.

The Occult is the most interesting, informative and thought-provoking book on the subject I have read Sunday Telegraph


Title: Occult, The
Publisher: Watkins
Author: Wilson Colin
ISBN: 9781780288468
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/02/2016
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