Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Anyone who wants to get better at anything should read Peak.

Rest assured that the book is not mere theory. Ericsson’s research focuses on the real world, and he explains in detail, with examples, how all of us can apply the principles of great performance in our work or in any other part of our lives.’ – Fortune
Do you want to stand out at work, improve your athletic or musical performance, or help your child achieve academic goals? Anders Ericsson has made a career studying chess champions, violin virtuosos, star athletes, and memory mavens.
Peak distills three decades of myth-shattering research into a powerful learning strategy that is fundamentally different from the way people traditionally think about acquiring new abilities. Ericsson’s revolutionary methods will show you how to improve at almost any skill that matters to you, and that you don’t have to be a genius to achieve extraordinary things.

‘Remarkable…who among us doesn’t want to learn how to get better at life?’ Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics ‘

This book…could truly change the world’ Joshua Foer, author of Moonwalking with Einstein


Title: Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise
Publisher: Random House
Author: Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool
ISBN: 9780099598473
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 21/07/2020