CD: Power Path Training, The (6CD)

Modern Shamanic Practices for Accessing Your True Source of Power

Shamanic wisdom reveals that your personal power comes from being in alignment—with yourself, others, your environment, and the dimensions of spirit. With The Power Path Training, expert teachers Jose and Lena Stevens offer a complete course in indigenous empowerment practices adapted for modern life. Drawn from the acclaimed curriculum they’ve taught for more than 25 years, this program gives you diverse and flexible techniques for accessing the “inner shaman”—the core spiritual self that fearlessly expresses your highest purpose in this world.

A Heart-Centered Path for Unlocking Your True Power

The way of the shaman teaches you to “see through the heart,” which cannot be deceived by fear or confusion. From this centered place, you’ll learn self-inquiry practices to find and heal your “power leaks” at the physical, psychological, and energetic levels. Over six immersive sessions, Jose and Lena offer time-tested practices for receiving wisdom and support from your ancestors, guides, the natural world, and the spiritual source from which all true power arises.

Shamanic practice allows you to perceive the hidden flows of power in the world—but there is a price. “To walk this path,” says Jose Stevens, “you must sacrifice false beliefs that can feel familiar and comfortable.” If you are ready to break free from your limits and embrace a life of authenticity, connection, and meaning, then join these two extraordinary teachers for The Power Path Training.


Title: CD: Power Path Training, The (6CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Luis Jose Stevens
ISBN: 9781622031788
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/08/2014
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