Power Skills

Power Skills for Women will help you communicate effectively and authentically to ensure that you get the outcome you want. The insights offered in this book will make it easier for you to choose body language that creates the outward expression of confidence and, at the same time, the internal feeling of ease and calm. Divided into chapters that bring into focus posture, movement, gesture, voice, eye contact and using practical exercises, the book illustrates how to avoid bad habits and learn new ones. It provides ways to improve your ability to know and understand yourself, help you observe others more objectively and choose responses that reflect what you mean to say and do and be the best version of yourself. As well as offering a masterclass in body language, the book also teaches how to manage confrontation and cultivate presence – two of the most challenging areas of communication.


Title: Power Skills
Publisher: Welbeck
Author: Juliet Erickson - A masterclass for women in body language and communication
ISBN: 9781859064610
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/01/2021