Rise Above the Chaos

In today’s world, technology has added additional pressure and anxiety to life rather than saving precious time. With digital distractions and social isolation, people become less self-aware — an important key to surviving. Award-winning speaker, coach, and patient advocate Carolyn Gross offers her own story of transformation as a tool for others to go from burnout to brilliance and realize they can create personal chaos — or not — simply by controlling their responses to life’s events. Rise Above the Chaos offers life exploration methods to help determine how stress is affecting readers’ lives and health before providing the tools to restore, relax, and renew. Readers learn to identify internal vs. external chaos so they can manage both without adding stress. Carolyn lifts readers’ awareness and helps them gain perspective on how adversity can actually sharpen their wits and skills, ultimately making them more joyful, powerful, and confident.


Title: Rise Above the Chaos
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Author: Carolyn Gross
ISBN: 9781642793864
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 12/11/2019