CD: Sacred Contracts

What is the sacred purpose of your life? According to Caroline Myss, there is no question more important in our lives than this one. Now you have a “compass” to help you find your divine destiny, with Sacred Contracts, an audio workshop developed by Caroline Myss to complement her bestselling book of the same title.

This six-hour curriculum makes plain the divine origin and plan for our lives—and the deeper significance of our relationships, careers, and even apparently “random” life events. Rich with possibilities for personal discovery and divine connection, the Sacred Contracts audio workshop will point the way to your own higher life path and its ultimate destination.


  • How before birth, we each contract with heavenly guides to become vessels for divine power and evolutionary change
  • Who belongs in your life, and how to recognize the energetic bonds that seal your sacred contracts with them
  • A unique system for divining your life purpose, using 12 central archetypes and a symbolic Wheel of Life


Title: CD: Sacred Contracts
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Caroline Myss
ISBN: 9781564559364
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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