Simplify Your Life

Minimalism is for rich people who live in big, empty, white homes, right? Wrong.

Minimalism isn't just about displaying your food staples in glass jars or having chic Scandi furniture. It can be a beautiful, enriching and life- transforming practice that, at its core, is all about re-establishing what holds value in your life and letting go of what does not. Simplify Your Life is about exactly that- bringing simplicity back into your life, and with it, joy in the everyday. Dispelling the myths that minimalism is for either hardcore environmentalists or the privileged few, this book shows how minimalism is more relevant and necessary than ever, not least because it's the most accessible way to achieve a state of contentment in all aspects of life. Minimalism is for you if you want to-

stop mindlessly scrolling and start living with intention and purpose

spend more time on the things and people you love and less on what you 'have to be/do'

take control of your finances and stop mindless spending

learn more about conscious consumption and reducing your waste

experience freedom and pride in your home instead of feeling trapped by your stuff

Although minimalism is ostensibly about taking things away from our cluttered lives, it is really about adding richness, colour and meaning to our lives.


Title: Simplify Your Life
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Mary Conroy
ISBN: 9781788174442
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 25/02/2020