Spilt Milk Yoga

Spilt Milk Yoga is a companion to the inner journey of motherhood. Approaching motherhood as a path to greater self-knowledge Spilt Milk Yoga applies teachings and practices from a range of spiritual disciplines to the challenges of being a mother. Author Cathryn Monro combines personal experience, honesty and humour to ask; Will motherhood ruin my life? What happened to my body? Am I doing it right?, “Whose anger is this? Is an ordinary life good enough? How do I achieve anything? Through a process of guided self-inquiry Spilt Milk Yoga connects you to your own wisdom and purpose through motherhood, to living from a place of greater love, ease, understanding and joy.


Title: Spilt Milk Yoga
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Author: Cathryn Monro
ISBN: 9781942934752
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/09/2016
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