Spirit Means Business

Can you be both a spiritual seeker and a seeker after success in the world? Best-selling author and teacher Alan Cohen knows it’s possible. In coaching and leading seminars for thousands of people over many years, Alan has identified three groups of people who struggle with issues of money, prosperity, and spiritual life. This book is written to help them all find a spiritually sound path to the success they desire.

The first group comprises those who have corporate or other well-paying jobs with lots of benefits but are miserable because they work in impersonal environments and their industries are consumed with profits rather than people; their souls are starving for meaning and contribution. The second is entrepreneurs who have created a livelihood with meaning but are sweating to make their income support them. The third group is made up of artistic, creative, alternative-culture spiritual aficionados who don’t care much about earning money and do not have business skills-but they still have to generate an income, so they struggle to pay their bills.

Spirit Means Business speaks to all three groups, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve big career success and enjoy passion and soul fulfillment. Alan identifies the 10 primary illusions that keep people separated from spirit and prosperity, then shows readers how to overcome these illusions with higher principles that always work when we apply them consciously. The book includes many down-to-earth examples of individuals who have combined soul and success, plus many crisp, clear formulas to bridge the gaps and surmount the hurdles along the way.


Title: Spirit Means Business
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Alan Cohen
ISBN: 9781401953362
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/03/2019