Tarot Revealed

While its origins are swathed in mystery, the remarkable accuracy of the ancient Tarot has won many followers, because it helps us interpret what is going on in life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By explaining the wisdom contained in the cards, The Tarot Revealed helps you understand more of yourself and your world.
The Tarot Revealed shows you how to:* unlock the Tarot’s many secrets * clearly interpret each card alone and in combination* learn the many layers of meaning attached to each card* give simple and advanced readings* choose the appropriate layout for each specific situation * understand the deeper significance of the Major and Minor Arcana.
Written in a clear and accessible style, and with 32 bonus charts, The Tarot Revealed is a valuable guide for beginners and experienced readers. Using anecdotes to further clarify each card’s meaning, Paul Fenton-Smith helps you apply these interpretations to real-life situations. Within a short time, The Tarot Revealed will enable you to penetrate the mystery of the cards by becoming an accomplished Tarot reader.


Title: Tarot Revealed
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Paul Fenton-Smith
ISBN: 9781741752595
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/03/2008
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