Worlds of Wonder – A Colouring Book for the Curious

This book isn't just a colouring book. It is also a magical portal to many wondrous worlds…

From the creator of the worldwide bestsellers World of Flowers and Lost Ocean comes a beautiful new colouring book that will take you on a captivating journey through imagined and fantastical realms.

Within these pages you'll find tree-top castles, floating islands and fairytale villages, all waiting to be brought to life in your colours. Go on an adventure and let your imagination roam from world to world, discovering enchanted sea turtles, curious cats and lost song birds along the way.

In this new colouring book, Johanna Basford lends her signature style of inky illustration to a series of brand new inkscapes and themes, all with a sprinkling of her much-loved botanicals.


Title: Worlds of Wonder - A Colouring Book for the Curious
Publisher: Ebury Press
Author: Johanna Basford
ISBN: 9781529107395
Publication Date: 30/03/2021
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