You don't have to be a Bookshop to Sell Books - See How Your Retail Store Can Unlock Additional Sales!

Author: Michael Hennessy   Date Posted:29 May 2023 

You don't have to be a Bookshop to Sell Books - See How Your Retail Store Can Unlock Additional Sales! main image You don't have to be a Bookshop to Sell Books - See How Your Retail Store Can Unlock Additional Sales! image
Boost Your Sales and Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More by Offering Books in Your Retail Store!

You don't have to be a Bookshop to Sell Books - See How Your Retail Store Can Unlock Additional Sales!

Whoever said selling books belongs only to bookstores could not have been more wrong! As a retail store owner, you have the unique opportunity to directly respond to the demands and preferences of your customers without confining yourself to the boundaries of a single industry. In fact, one surprising way to increase sales and make your establishment more appealing is by stocking your shelves with thoughtfully selected books. This creative strategy will not only diversify your offerings but also keep your customers coming back for more. Keep reading to discover why your retail store is missing out on an incredible selling opportunity!

The Magic of Books:

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by digital content, yet books continue to maintain their timeless magic. Their tangible nature and the immersive experience they provide uphold their value to consumers—giving you ample reason to offer them for sale. 

How to Choose the Right Books to Sell:

Your store's offerings should align with the preferences of your target audience, as well as your brand's mission and values. Here are some factors to consider when selecting books to sell in your retail store:

1. Your target audience: If your target audience is primarily composed of parents, consider offering children's books or parenting guides. Similarly, if your store attracts environmentally conscious customers, feature books related to sustainability and eco-friendly living.

2. Your store's current products: Your book selection should complement your existing offerings. For example, if you run a health store, consider offering books on diet, exercise, and wellness.

3. Best sellers and trending topics: By stocking popular, top-selling books and titles that reflect current events, your store can grab the attention of book enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike.

4. Your brand's values and mission: If your retail store boasts locally sourced products, consider stocking books from local authors or publishers. 

Benefits of Selling Books in Your Retail Store:

1. Additional Revenue Stream: Offering books for sale can introduce a new and profitable revenue stream to your establishment. 

2. Increased Foot Traffic: By tailoring your book collection to your target audience's interests, you can entice new customers and encourage regular ones to visit more frequently.

3. Enhance Customer Loyalty: By offering a diverse range of products, you can better cater to your customers. This will foster lasting relationships and increase brand loyalty.

4. Encourage Impulse Purchases: Oftentimes, a captivating book cover, title, or topic can persuade customers to make an unanticipated purchase on the spot.

5. Stand Out from the Competition: By providing a unique shopping experience, your store can distinguish itself from competitors and enjoy increased recognition within your local community.

Which retailers can benefit from selling books?

It doesn't really matter what other products you sell, books will always be good to upsell. 

Phoenix Distribution has been offering wholesale books to retail customers for over 12 years and in this times we have found the most responsive customers to be gift stores, pharmacies, spa's, pharmacies and alternative stores. Phoenix Distribution offers a huge range of books that are suitable for most retailers (and schools). 


Selling books in your retail store can truly unlock additional sales and boost your revenue. Delight your customers by offering a diverse selection of thoughtfully chosen titles that will keep them coming back for more. Remember that by paying close attention to your target audience, brand values, and product offerings, you can effectively tailor your book collection to suit your customers' preferences.

So why wait? Break away from the notion that only bookshops can sell books and take a bold step towards elevating your retail store to new heights! Phoenix Distribution - Your one stop book wholesaler! 

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