CD: Changing Beliefs and Perceptions

Now for the first time, Dr. Joe's powerful Changing Beliefs and Perceptions Meditation is available in audio format.
This special meditation CD comes with 4 different tracks with 3 different meditation practices. You will enjoy playing all the tracks at once or choosing different combinations of tracks to play each day.
With the inspiration of Dr. Joe's guided meditation combined with the uplifting and soothing music by Karunesh and Barry Goldstein, this life changing meditation is sure to become one of your favorites.
CD Track Titles:
1 – Introduction 7:25
2 – Breath 12:01
3 – Creating Coherence 23:28
4 – Changing Beliefs & Perceptions 20:03

Music by Karunesh & Barry Goldstein


Title: CD: Changing Beliefs and Perceptions
Publisher: Encephalon
Author: Dr Joe Dispenza
ISBN: 639767504294
Format: CD
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