Discovering Personal Power

Personal power is integral to living…we all want it but sometimes it alludes us. Discovering Personal Power is a new and revolutionary approach to acknowledging emotions and beliefs.
In situations where your personal power is at risk of being overwhelmed, lost, or just simply forgotten, this book will inspire you to reclaim your inner knowing and strength.
Discovering Personal Power is real and honest. It is presented in a no-nonsense, practical, readable way. It will take you on a personal journey of discovery, one that will strengthen, enlighten and ultimately enrich your life.

“Pia is a deeply dedicated truth student — and truth teacher. Her commitment to reclaiming her own power and helping others to do the same is an inspiration. I encourage anyone looking to tap into their unlimited potential and live a more fulfilling life to receive her guidance and wisdom and put it into practice!”
Derek Rydall, #1 Best-selling author, Emergence, The Abundance Project.

About the Author:
Pia is a well-being coach, writer, mentor, workshop facilitator and speaker. She encourages people to look to their inner wisdom to create the changes they want in their life. She guides people to find their own truths, work out what they need and how to achieve their heart's desires.


Title: Discovering Personal Power
Publisher: Pia Maganov
Author: Pia Maganov
ISBN: 9780980414646
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/05/2021
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