New Teen Age

Being a parent of a teenager can be daunting. How do we help them navigate the modern world while keeping them safe and happy? Their physical and psychological changes throw up a while range of issues that we aren't always equipped to handle. Here, finally, is a practical and direct guide for parents that covers the lot. Phew!- Amanda Keller

Finally, parenting advice that talks both to the physical and the psychological issues at play in the teenage years, specifically designed for parents, step-parents and carers who are confused and bemused by the conflicting advice on the best way to raise a happy, healthy teenager. Between them, Dr Ginni Mansberg and clinical psychologist Jo Lamble have many years' experience, both as clinicians and as parents, so they know first-hand what concerns parents today and they get how challenging it can be to raise adolescents. They empathise with parents, understand their struggles and want to equip them with solid information and sound strategies. In addition to the parent-child tensions that result from peer pressure online and in the school yard, there are tricky questions around eating well, sleeping well, exercise, screen time, body image, growing independence, hormones, periods, sexual development, sex, sexuality, siblings, skin, clothes, social life, academic pressure, communication skills. Each topic has case studies, symptom checklists where appropriate, interviews with specialists, strategies, with a handy summary at the end of each chapter.


Title: New Teen Age
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Author: Dr Ginni Mansberg and Jo Lamble
ISBN: 9781922351258
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/06/2021