Sleep Well

Fatigue, poor concentration, memory lapses, stress … If you suffer from any of these, the odds are you're not getting enough sleep. And, since sleep is when the body and brain recharge and repair themselves, long-term, the impact on your health can be significant. This book, Sleep Well, is specially designed to help banish sleepless nights, revealing how you can monitor and manage your sleep, identify problems, and take steps to sleep soundly at last.

Leading sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski explains the mechanisms that control sleep, introducing sleep- management techniques and providing practical advice, remedies and solutions to help you overcome your own disturbed sleep. Use his sleep-pattern `rulers' to measure your sleep, record the results in the Sleep Diary provided, then implement the recommended measures and complete the second diary section to see how things have improved.


Title: Sleep Well
Publisher: Welbeck
Author: Chris Idzikowski, Steve Rawlings
ISBN: 9781859064412
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/01/2021