Smart Baby Cookbook

A blueprint for your child’s nutrition and brain health

Doctor-approved and parent-tested, the Smart Baby Cookbook helps you give your young one a head-start for a healthy life, beginning with the best first foods, through to finger foods and family meals.


– The science behind ‘SMART’ foods and their effects on immunity and brain function
– Meal planners organised by baby’s age and stages of development, plus advice for starting solids Easy-to-make family favourite recipes designed for maximum nutrition
– Budget-friendly recipes with minimal prep and no separate cooking required

When chef Lauren Cheney’s baby was born with a rare immunity disorder, she threw herself into researching the best foods that could help him thrive. Drawing on advice from child health experts, she developed recipes for nutrient-packed everyday meals. Now with this empowering guide, her advice and recipes are available for families everywhere, helping to nourish the bodies and brains of the little ones we love.


Title: Smart Baby Cookbook
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Author: Lauren Cheney
ISBN: 9781760631741
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/01/2018