CD: Woman's Spiritual Retreat, A (6 CD)

Women are different. Not just in our bodies, but in the ways that we think, feel, and connect with spirit, teaches Joan Borysenko. In celebration of those differences, you are invited to A Woman's Spiritual Retreat, a full-length audio course that shows you how to create a daily personal practice rich in meditations, prayers, and sacred rituals to enter the gates of your own spiritual path. Spirituality is a return to essence and to our true nature. What makes women's spirituality different from men's are the portals through which we return to that state. Use Your Feminine Life Cycles to Ignite Your Spirituality A woman's life is marked by a series of passages and developmental phases. Many women spend their twenties and thirties raising families and pursuing powerful careers. In their forties and fifties, a change happens when women go through a period of emptying: jobs, friends, and marriages that no longer serve them. It is a compelling time when women claim their authenticity and spiritual power. On A Woman's Spiritual Retreat, Joan Borysenko brings together her unique training as a medical scientist, clinical psychologist, and teacher at Harvard Medical School, to help you chart and navigate these feminine life cycles, understand their hormonal underpinnings, and explore how these cycles can be the catalyst for the unfolding of your essential self. The Pleasure of a Sacred Retreat in Your Own Home During the past 15 years, Joan Borysenko has led thousands of women of all ages in spiritual retreats, encouraging them to embrace the wholeness of their lives at every stage. They have learned to honor themselves, each other, and their communities through rituals, celebrations, and meditations. Now, join this renowned workshop leader on A Woman's Spiritual Retreat to learn the practices that will open you to divine wisdom and put you in touch with the essence of your spirit, so that you can then bring your authentic self to others. A Woman's Spiritual Retreat highlights: ?Return, rest, and remember?the three essentials of creating a restorative spiritual retreat ?Healing rituals that you can use to help friends or loved ones ?The art of journaling?using images and words to record your thoughts and track your spiritual growth ?Learn a Waking Dream exercise to work through an important life issue ?Meet Adam's first wife, Lilith, and integrate her power into your own life ?Walking Sarah's Circle, preparing yourself for grace?the surprise and delight of the nonlinear path ?The six parts of a spiritual practice?location, invocation, light, listening, prayer, and dedication ?Explore the four phases of a woman's life?Maiden, Mother, Guardian, and Crone ?A ritual for each season of the year to rejuvenate your spirit ?Spinning Straw into Gold?how to integrate past hurts into your life and uncover the strengths they have given you ?The Wisdom Meditation?meet your wise-woman elder and discover her power to guide you ?Are you stuck in a life stage? How to identify the hidden obstacles that stand in your way, and break through them ?Using poetry as a tool to answer the ultimate question?Who am I? ?Just a coincidence? How to observe synchronicities that reveal the hidden themes of your life ?Enter the portal of nonordinary reality through ritual ?The Myth of Inanna?a blueprint for regaining your original power ?More than seven hours of guided meditations, journal exercises, and powerful guidelines for creating a universal spiritual practice you can adapt to fit your own needs, and much more.


Title: CD: Woman's Spiritual Retreat, A (6 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Joan Borysenko
ISBN: 9781591791430
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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