Healing You Journal

Healing You is a giftable journal for recording thoughts and reflections, interspersed with tips, advice and exercises for developing a healing practice

Healing You is a journal for reflection and expression to encourage you find your unique energy, personal strength and inner peace.

For those times when negative thoughts, challenging situations and learned behaviours make everyday life seem difficult, writing things down can be a way to break down the emotional and physical barriers to healing. By breaking our silence and writing down our stories, we find it easier to hear and feel the spirit within us, to recharge our batteries and shine from the inside out.

As you work through the journal you can practise setting intentions; using crystals and essential oils; practising breathing, mindfulness and yoga; and using mantras to inspire you as you find your way towards forgiveness and good health. The more you work to find inner peace, the more you will discover how things fall into place. Write down your truth and magic will unfold.


Title: Healing You Journal
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Author: Jennie Liljefors
ISBN: 9781922351586
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: 02/03/2021