Way of Calm, The

For many, true peace of mind remains elusive. But by making simple adjustments to our habits of thinking and doing, we can learn to keep stress at bay, enjoy all that is positive in our lives and find happiness even in times of difficulty.

The Way Of Calm presents invaluable insights, guidance and exercises for dealing with stress and dissatisfaction in all aspects of life. With chapters on stress-busting, dealing with risk and change, calling on inner reserves when the going gets tough and finding peace in self-acceptance, you will learn how to make your life more balanced and fulfilling and move forward to a calmer, happier you. Each chapter concludes with a 10-point Thought Plan and Action Plan featuring affirmations and to-do checklists, to help you start making a difference straight away.

Learn how to calm your habitual response when things don't go according to plan. 'Thought Plans' and 'Action Plans' offer 120 life-changing ideas to help you achieve contentment. Transform your thoughts and actions and keep stress at bay!


Title: Way of Calm, The
Publisher: Welbeck
Author: Mike Annesley, Steve Nobel
ISBN: 9781859060698
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/01/2021